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Our Carbon Story

Our Carbon Story

When we took over Las Bodegas in June 2021, we discussed options to take the company forward and agreed focussing on our sustainability and environmental impact was the most important thing we could do. We are committed to taking action that reduces our carbon footprint and are determined to look at all aspects of our business to reduce our impact.

Knowledgeable support is important, and our Planet Mark certification is invaluable. We could measure energy and emissions ourselves, but Planet Mark provides that expert backup that allows us to be scrutinised. It is important we make genuine changes, not token gestures. Planet Mark gives us confidence that we are doing the right thing, along with authenticity and evidence that will help us make progress. Establishing baseline figures provides information to monitor our impact and highlight the areas where we need to take action.

It is easy to underestimate the impact that wine has on the world; vineyards are not the best use of land for sequestering carbon, so it is vital to improve the supporting processes of shipping, packaging and bottling.

A big barrier to making sustainable change is the tradition wrapped up in wine. There is a widely-held belief that the old methods are the best and only way to do things, which means shipping heavy glass bottles from their country of origin. This, however, is where the biggest carbon savings can be made, so changing these practices and perceptions is vital to achieve the biggest gains.

When we looked to source lightweight glass for our new brand, the UK produced bottles with up to 68% recycled glass came out a clear winner. It may not look the best, but the reason behind our choice is explained on the label; the quality of wine and our environmental values are our priority. We are also packaging wine in 100% recycled 250ml aluminium cans. Drinking habits have changed considerably over the last few years and smaller formats are in greater demand. This helps us reduce wastage at the point of consumption and enables us to use aluminium to package which is much more efficiently recycled and lighter to transport.

We are a small company with a footprint to match, but it’s not just about us. We are also pushing our suppliers to do things differently, bring issues out in the open and start discussions that will lead to positive changes. If we can lead the wine trade to begin to make this shift, then that’s a win for the planet and for us. We hope that others will be inspired to create new traditions, to safeguard the future not only of our wonderful wines but the planet too.

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