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After 13 years of importing wine, we think we’ve got a good idea of what makes good wine, but as a company we are new to sustainability. Green Roots has partnered with the great team at Planet Mark to ensure that all of our decisions are scrutinised by people who stake their reputation on knowing what is best for the world. We aim for total clarity and transparency – all of our results and work is available for you to see. This is something that we are passionate about and implore our customers to approach us and ask us questions whenever there is a shred of doubt.

This wine is created with sustainability at its very core. We work with wineries who are genuine in their intentions to work in a low carbon manner. We ensure that every decision we make from the moment the wine leaves the winery is taken with the Earth first. We are challenging the unsustainable and archaic traditions of the wine industry, and by putting the Earth first we can encourage others to make more conscious decisions when choosing wine, without sacrificing quality.

Cans and bottles can both be recycled efficiently, but when recycling a can, exactly one can is produced for every can recycled. No ‘new’ aluminium is used to can our wines so you can be confident that when you recycle our cans, that they are going towards more cans for our great wines! Glass bottles can be recycled, but some proportion of new glass is needed to make a new glass bottle, with old bottles often used for road-making materials.

Not at all, in many ways cans are actually a much more effective way of storing wines that are designed for everyday drinking, as opposed to putting in a cellar for many years. For example, glass is transparent and light strike is a common wine fault that occurs if a bottle is under lights/in day light for too long, this won't occur in an aluminium can. Cans are also airtight, so you won't get oxidised/corked wines. However, it's the small amount of air that passes through a cork that allows wine to age so if you are indeed looking to fill your cellar, these aren't your wines!

Although as a country we like to think we are open to change and making decisions based on sustainability, we have a lot of work to do. This applies to wine as much, if not more, than anywhere else as wine buyers will often gravitate to the heaviest bottle with the biggest bunt (that big dimple at the bottom). So we have decided to bottle our wine too, in the most sustainable way possible, with the intention of moving to even more sustainable packing solutions as perceptions change. The biggest polluting factor in wine is shipping filled glass bottles around the globe in a 20% full container. To solve this, we’ve shipped the wine in recyclable containers and bottled in UK produced glass at a net zero bottling facility (most glass bottles are made in Romania or Turkey and shipped, empty to the UK).

This particular wine isn’t certified organic, although it is made using low-intervention practices. Organic wine is not always sustainable – most organic wine is still bottled at source, moved by road to a port then put in a 20% full container and shipped around the world. This is not sustainable, but it is still organic.

You are quite right, it’s not even close. However, we are yet to find a delivery partner that can meet our requirement for a fully sustainable solution. Until the delivery fleets are electric, these are unavoidable emissions. We are working with suppliers to encourage the move to electric. In the short term, we are limiting emissions by centralising our delivery hub, to reduce mileage and working with Cool Earth to offset unavoidable emissions like these.

This is absolutely correct and we would always suggest that you buy local wherever possible. However, even with rising temperatures, making quality, affordable, still wines in the UK is pretty much impossible. We want to provide the sustainable option without anyone having to change usual buying habits; being sustainable shouldn’t cost you anything.

We are working with the team at Planet Mark to ensure we are taking every step to monitor and record an accurate footprint of all of our wines. With that in mind, we have created a bespoke questionnaire that all of our suppliers will be completing annually. Please fill in our contact us page and we can provide more details on these.

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